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Naviforce Watches

Naviforce watches have been around since 2012. The brand makes amongst the highest quality watches. In your quest to find an affordable yet durable and stylish watch you might have come across the Naviforce brand. There is much to like about the Naviforce brand.  Here are 7 reasons to choose a Naviforce Watch

  1. They are convenient – If you want to be punctual then you need a watch. A phone will not keep you punctual. Take for example if you are in a meeting, would you rather glance at your wrist watch or would you rather take out your phone to look at the time. It is probably rude as well to take out your phone during a meeting. Also take into consideration the battery life, phones constantly need to be charged and pulling them out to just see the time would be wasting the phones battery. Each time you would have to turn the screen on. A watch battery can easily last you a few years.
  2. Watches are Functional – Inspired by the military, they must have a functional use. The military in the 1st world war was the first to use wrist watches to synchronize movement of troops. They have evolved immensely since then. Some Naviforce designs are inspired by the military. Some designs are rugged and made to last in tough conditions. All Naviforce watches are also water proof which is a vital feature for any wrist watch.
  3. Naviforce watches are extremely stylish – Unlike a wedding ring you don’t need to be married to wear one. Watches still make great fashion accessories. With so many unique designs and colours to choose from, Naviforce have a buffet at your disposal to make you stand out from the crowd. The designs are unique and match any top end watch brand out there. Whether you need an official watch for a dinner out or a casual one for a night out, whether you wear black or white, Naviforce has got you covered with unique designs and colours to choose from. The watches are extremely comfortable to wear and are stunning to look at.
  4. Watches help you stay focused –If you were to actually use your phone to keep time you can easily get distracted. Each time you take your phone out to look at the time, there will probably be a few notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps. This can be highly distracting and waste your time. Whilst in the first place you probably did just take your phone out to try and save time. Watches are simple, they stay on your wrist and just keep running. You just need to glance to see the time and there are no distractions.
  5. Naviforce Quality – Naviforce watches use they Miyota 2035 quartz movement and a sony battery. This movement is usually used in high end watches as well which are much pricier than Naviforce. The leather is genuine should you choose a leather band. The glass is high quality and does not scratch easily. The back case is made from stainless steel. All the components are generally well put together to make a high quality watch.
  6. Price – Naviforce watches look much more expensive than they actually are. You are guaranteed to get a good deal when you purchase a Naviforce watch.
  7. Available for both men and women – Some are unisex suitable for both men and women, while others are just for men or women.  Given the quality, durability, uniqueness and price they definitely make a great gift idea for both men and women. Whether a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or any other occasion, they will surely be a unique gift.

Our store delivers Naviforce watches worldwide including to: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, All of Europe, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, South America, Russia, China, New Zealand,  and many other countries around the world.