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Naviforce Watches Review


The best Naviforce Watches Review

In my quest to find the ultimate budget watch I bought a number of watches from www.wrist-watches.shop Most watches listed on this website are under $50 and from well-known brands such as Curren, Naviforce, Benyar and Forsining.

When it comes to ranking these 4 brands by quality: Benyar and Forsining sit at the top. Difficult to compare them as they are both meant for different niches. Benyar watches are sporting a more trendy, sporty and fashionable look with battery powered movements. The design of Forsining watches speaks of originality and freshness however they are using a mechanical movement which is why it’s difficult to compare both. That being said, both brands are of high quality and have stunning watches on offer.

Curren and Naviforce watches are also good budget watches. If one was to rank all 4 brands quality wise on top would be Benyar and Forsining followed by Naviforce and finally Curren. Curren are the cheapest amongst all four but are compromising on quality. Naviforce are slightly more expensive than Curren, but cheaper than Benyar and Forsining. The Naviforce brand has been around since 2012. The watches are manufactured in China but both the movement and the battery are Japanese.

Here is a quick comparison on all four brands.

WaterproofSome ModelsAll ModelsAll ModelsAll Models
Battery Life1 year2 year2 yearNo Battery
Sub dialsFor DecorationWorkingWorkingWorking
Band QualityModerateDecentGoodGood
Dial WindowPlasticHardlexHardlexHardlex


The Naviforce Model that I got is the NF9040M. The watch is available in 5 different colours as shown below.


The watch is really attractive and for just $29.99 the price is equally attractive. I got the watch with the red markings. It is also available in orange, blue, black and brown.


The watch is an absolute beauty to look at. The combination of red and black is spectacular. The leather band is using a high quality PU leather. Although I have just got the watch it looks like the leather will last for some time. The precise red stitching on the leather band shows how much attention to detail has been paid when designing this watch.  The outer bezel is numbered giving the watch a tactical look. The bezel is fixed though and does not move. Looks get a 7.5/10

The watch is using a Japanese Miyota 2035 movement and a Japanese Mexel SR626. Replacing the movement will probably cost you more than the watch itself, hence the price of $29.99 is a bargain. The Mexel battery can easily last more than 2 years. The internals of the watch get an 8/10.


Black band with red stitching.

Personally I always prefer leather bands rather than stainless steel ones. Some stainless steel bands are usually harsh on the skin. The pin buckle also makes it easy to put on and adjust to your size as need be.  The case is made of stainless steel. The case is vaccum ion coated as is with all coated watch cases this one will also wear over time. The glass is not made of cheap plastic but rather uses a Hardlex material which is relatively scratch resistant. Overall the build quality is great. Comfort rating would be at least 9/10

The watch is 30M water resistant so pretty sturdy for everyday use. Swimming and diving is not recommended though. The watch also has a day and date display. The crown can easily be used to adjust the day and time. To adjust the date unfortunately you will have to rotate the hour hand until you get to your desired date. Would be easier if the crown was set to adjust the day and date also. The functions get a 7/10.

In summary

Price: 10/10

Looks: 7.5/10

Internals: 8/10

Functions: 7/10

Comfort: 9/10

Even though Naviforce watches are quite affordable, just like any other watch that you might get. Naviforce also need to be taken care of. Here are a few tips to take care of your watch. You need to keep the watch away from extreme heat, heat makes the watch loose its colour faster over time. You also need to store it properly when not wearing it. A box is always highly recommended. Even though Naviforce watches use a Japanese battery eventually after about 2 years it will need to be replaced. It is best to get a professional to do this for you. You don’t want to end up using the wrong battery or damaging the watch when opening or closing it.

Naviforce watches are extremely accurate. The Naviforce watch company understands the concept of design and quality and they are offering great value for money for their customers. Great efforts are seen to have been made in the watch designs and the results are astonishing.  They are a great addition to the Military watches Niche.

The watches come with a 12 months warranty on the movement. Free shipping worldwide for a limited time, money back guarantee and easy returns currently on offer, what else can you ask for.


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