Amongst the latest trends in fashion is bamboo watches or wooden watches. A bamboo watch is an exceptional fashion item that can easily complement any outfit. Very few people currently have bamboo watches and owning one will give you a unique fashion accessory. If you have just purchased one or are looking to buy one it is important to know how to take care of it. Even though they are quite affordable, you still need to take good care of this marvellously hand crafted watch. Here are a few tips to help you out

  1. Keep it away from water and moisture – The wood that is used to make these watches is usually from recycled material making them the most eco-friendly watches on the planet. However one disadvantage of that is water. Pro-longed exposure to water can easily start to rot the wood. Usually the wood that is used has been pre-treated but it’s always better to be conservative. The watches are water resistant but not waterproof. Meaning you can easily wear them while washing your hands. Activities such as swimming or bathing while wearing the watch are not recommended.
  2. Keep your watch away from extreme heat – The sun is ok, but you don’t want to keep it next to say a stove or in the sauna. Heat causes expansion which can easily damage the movement of your watch. Being made of wood it would also not be a good idea to keep it exposed to the sun as well, wood can easily discolour from prolonged exposure to the sun.
  3. Store it properly – Just like any other watch you need to store it properly. They usually come with their box and you should use that. Avoid putting heavy items on top of your watch. Storing it in the box will also help avoid scratches.
  4. Change the battery – If you got an automatic watch you don’t need to worry about that. Just keep it moving and the kinetic energy generated will take care of the rest. However if you got one that works on battery, the battery will last a few years but will eventually run out and will need changing. It is always advisable to get a professional to help you change it. Please don’t try to change it yourself you can easily damage the watch.

We hope this tips were helpful for you. If you are looking to buy a bamboo watch check bamboo watches Australia. They offer free shipping worldwide and the watches are affordable starting from as low as $20. You can also find a list of the best wooden watches also on our blog.