With the advent of mobile phones, watches have now become more of a fashion item rather than a tool to check time. Although they still serve the purpose of showing time which nowdays can be checked on your phone as well.

There are numerous designs and colours to choose from and getting one that completes your outfit should not be difficult. If you do not have a watch you should really consider buying one. Just take a look at respectable people in society most do wear watches.

If you really want to stand out with your watch you should get a wooden watch or a bamboo watch. Watches made of wood are the latest trends in watch designs. If you would like to buy some of the best wooden watches then check out our collection on this website. We have carefully selected and chose great designs that are of high quality and are easy to match with your personality. Get ready for the compliments!

Each of the wooden timepieces on our website are handmade. Some with leather straps are made from genuine leather. The wood used is natural and has been treated so it does not wear out or break down fast. Some are battery powered while others are automatic, meaning you just need to wear it and it will keep working thanks to kinetic energy. You don’t need to worry about it running out of battery. The ones that are battery powered have high quality and long lasting batteries that should easily complete a few years. Most of the watches are water resistant meaning you can easily wash your hands with them. Bathing and swimming is not advisable while wearing the watch. The build of the wooden watches can easily be compared to luxury timepieces that can last you years.

Reasons to buy a wooden watch:

  1. It’s the latest fashion trend – They are amongst the hottest fashion trends right now.
  2. They are affordable – They are extremely affordable with most watches being under $50 on our website. Given the quality and durability you are getting a great deal for the price. Compared to metal or other leather watches they are much more affordable.
  3. They are eco-friendly – Most are made out of recycled wood, unlike other watches that are made of plastic or other non-bio-degradable materials.
  4. They can be personalized – It’s easy to engrave a message on a wooden watch. They can make the perfect gift idea for your loved ones.

If you have a wooden watch you need to take special care of it. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Keep it away from Water – Although all the watches are water resistant and the wood has been treated, it does not mean they are waterproof. You can wear the watch while washing your hands but best to remove it while bathing or swimming.
  2. Keep it away from extreme temperatures, your watch cane easily expand due to heat and make some joints or the glass loose. Also keep it away from pro-longed exposure to the sun, it may become discolored, if you have a leather belt watch then more so you need to keep it out of the sun.
  3. Keep it away from moisture it’s a wooden watch, you don’t want it to start rotting. Even though it has been treated it can still rot if kept in moisture for long. Your locality’s climate can be a deciding factor if you want to buy a wooden watch.